Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Kids will set off on countless adventures powered by their imaginations
Bring It On!

If your child loves exploring and playing “grown-up,” the Fisher-Price Kawasaki KFX is the perfect ride-on-ATV for go-anywhere action. Ruts, wet grass, gravel, even mud? Bring it on! Learning to operate the Kawasaki KFX is a breeze. The vehicle’s low profile, foot rests and comfortable seat makes for effortless on and off. An easy twist-grip throttle revs up the motor and sends your little one off in search of big adventures. They’ll get all the driving and off-road fun they want at a super safe 3 mph – fast enough for fun and slow enough for adults to walk behind. And, when he’s bigger and more experienced, you can remove the high speed lock-out to change the maximum speed to 6 mph in the forward direction.

  • Sleek and shiny styling, just like a real ATV
  • Realistic twist-grip throttle revs it into high speed
  • Drives two speeds forward (3 and 6 mph max.) and one speed reverse (3 mph)
  • Monster Traction for driving on dry or wet grass, hard surfaces, gravel, mud and rough terrain
  • Flashy “chrome” wheels
  • Higher speed lock-out for beginners – Parent-controlled.
  • Power Lock Brake System
  • Tough steel-frame construction for durability and safety
  • Includes 12-volt battery and charger
  • Max. 65 lb (29.5 kg)
Sporty styling and chrome accents rev up the fun
Safety, Durability, and Quality

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is one tough machine that’ll hold up to all-terrain driving! Don’t let its pint-size fool you—this ATV easily supports a maximum weight of 65 pounds. After a realistic throttle start, the rechargeable 12-volt battery kicks in to take this ride-on ATV a maximum of 3 mph in both forward and reverse. When adults are confident their little rider can handle it, there’s a removable speed lock that allows 6 mph in the forward direction.

The vehicle also features a specially designed safety braking system which automatically stops the vehicle when the child’s hand leaves the throttle. Wide tires grip on hard surfaces, gravel, wet grass, mud and most rough terrain. And don’t forget the sporty styling and chrome accents that rev up the fun into high gear – this Kawasaki looks and sounds like the real thing.

Easy twist-grip throttle revs up the motor
Driving Development

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is the perfect ride-on vehicle to teach children the joy of discovery! Driving a “real” vehicle, maybe even just like the one you drive, allows grown-up role-play and promotes independence, accomplishment and self-confidence – all things they need for healthy emotional development. Motor skills will be sharpened, too, along with coordination, body awareness and balance.

And, as children discover how to power the vehicle and make it go forward, back steer, start and stop, they’ll learn basic concepts of cause and effect. With this Kawasaki KFX, kids will set off on countless adventures powered by their imaginations and a little help from Fisher-Price.

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