KidzPro Gamestation, KS-41956-KP

Super Joystick & Power Player,Consoles come with 76000 IN 1 built-in games,Can support Japanese Famicom cartridges (cartridge slot may not be present on some models).Has AC adapter (DC9V mA350 (Centre Negative)).Has composite and audio outputs.

Built-in games include: 10-Yard Fight, 1942, Aladdin III Antarctic Adventure Arkanoid Balloon Fight, Baseball Battle City Binary Land Bird Week, Bomberman, BurgerTime Lode Runner Circus Charlie Clay Shoot was actually part of Duck Hunt. Clu Clu Land, Contra, Devil World Dig Dug, Door Door Donkey Kong, Jr. KONG 2″ Donkey Kong, Jr. Math Duck Hunt, Elevator Action, Excitebike Exerion, F-1 Race, Field Combat Formation Z, Front Line, Galaga,Golf Gomoku Narabe Gyrodine Raid on Bungeling Bay Hogan’s Alley Ice Climber, Joust Karateka Lunar Pool Macross Magic Jewelry (listed incorrectly as Magic Man) Mario Bros. Mappy Mighty Bomb Jack Millipede Ninja Kun Nuts & Milk Brush Roller Pinball Pooyan Popeye Road Fighter Slalom Sky Destroyer Space Invaders Spartan Sqoon Star Force Stargate Super Arabian Super Dynamix Super Soccer M.U.S.C.L.E. Tekken Tennis Tetris Twinbee Urban Champion Warpman Wild Gunman World Soccer Yie-Ar Kung Fu

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