HPI Racing 74108 Pro Glow Plug Igniter Set with AC Charger (120v)

This is a Glow Plug Igniter with Cap Meter and AC Charger from HPI Racing. The glow starter is used to heat a glow plug while starting an engine.


Hot pink machined and knurled aluminum battery holder. NiCd cell provides higher voltage under a load than an alkaline cell. Meter has green area for charged and red area for must recharge. Spring-loaded locking socket design. Comes on a picture instruction header card.


One Glow Starter with Cap Volt Meter. One Panasonic 1.2volt, 1300mAh sub-C size NiCd Battery One AC Charger (United States Standard)


Charging of NiCd battery for ten hours before use.


Adaptor Input: AC 120V~60Hz 2W (United States Standard) Adaptor Output: DC 1.25V at 170mA Shaft Length: 2-1/4″ (57mm)


Battery for this glow-starter can be replaced with another sub-C type battery by unscrewing the batt

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