Hape Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set – 98 Piece, 50 Marble

Quadrilla stands above the rest as the premier marble run system and Twist and Rail is the most flexible and dynamic of all Quadrilla sets. Energize your engineering skills and get started building your dream marble run. Build challenging, stable designs with the teeter-totter, spiral and the other 96 pieces that are Quadrilla Twist and Rail by Hape.

Child and Grandpa watching Quadrilla marbles run

Quadrilla Twist and Rail engages all generations of engineers.

Quadrilla Design with Marbles

Endless design possibilities in hard wood and Baltic Birch.

Let Your Engineering Juices Roll!
Quadrilla is the most stable wooden marble run on the market and so much fun for kids and adults. Children will love constructing their own unique designs and watching the way marbles roll through them. Or, copying the wonderfully concise designs included in the Twist and Rail play manual. Making sure each track, each block, each ramp is positioned just right. The Quadrilla Spiral and bright red See-Saw Accumulator highlight this set. The See-Saw Accumulator adds drama to any design as each side fills to the tipping point, then unleashes a torrent of marbles. Kids can create tandem designs and race marbles through them. Start simple to get the hang of all the color coded blocks, then increase the complexity of designs. How high can you build? Mom and Dad will love playing, too. Just make sure to let the kids have their turns!

The Marble Run that Teaches
Quadrilla offers up so many creative possibilities along with troubleshooting and critical thinking exercises. “Why didn’t the marble go where I wanted to go?” “Was the right block positioned in the right way?” Kids will be challenged to complete designs, troubleshoot their designs and correct or redesign. Using designs included in the manual children learn to follow clear construction plans and can troubleshoot as they build. Younger children will find Quadrilla just as engaging as they learn simple construction techniques and definable cause and effect.

Stable Structures in Wood
Quadrilla Twist and Rail from Hape includes 98 building pieces including the See-Saw Accumulator, the famous Spiral, color coded hardwood blocks and sturdy baltic birch tracks plus 50 marbles. The Spiral is a woodworking masterpiece made from one piece of wood that is stretched and then kiln-dried, a wonderful example of Hape’s wooden toy manufacturing expertise. The See-Saw Accumulator fills alternating sides with marbles to the tipping point and pours them out ready for the next load. Structures are stable and sturdy. Concise, color coded manual makes completing Marble Runs easy.

What’s In The Box?
98 Quadrilla Pieces including: 35 Color Coded Hardwood Blocks; 32 Wood Spacers; 10 Baltic Birch tracks; 15 Accelorator Ramps; 6 Hole Plugs; 50 Marbles; Color coded design manual; The box offers more value with a color template to make storage easy;

Child Watching Quadrilla marbles run

Bright, Color Coded Blocks make for engaging designs.

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