Electronic Pets – Weazel Ball Playful Weasel

This fantastic kids toy rolls around, chases, and jumps with his brightly colored rolling ball. You and your family will enjoy tons of fun watching this crazy critter roll all … Continue reading

Xia-Xia Pets Hermit Crab Figure Trinidad

Welcome to a place where everyday is Carnival with XiaXia (pronounced ShaSha) new colorful, collectible hermit crabs. From a distant island, these crazy crustaceans live to dance and play because … Continue reading


Webkinz Chihuahua

Discover a virtual world with Webkinz pets.


Webkinz Pink Poodle

Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life!


Webkinz Pink Pony

Discover a virtual world with Webkinz pets.


FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive Toy

REVIEW: Sage, a smart, fun, and funny Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that’ll become your child’s new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this adventurous green … Continue reading


Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Shadow

Meet Shadow! Zoomer’s best friend! He’s smart, funny and will steal your heart in an instant! He can learn a ton of tricks as you can teach him everything a … Continue reading


Westminster Happy Hamster / Ball

Brown Happy Hamster

Kung Zhu Ninja Warrior Battle Hampster Azer

Azer is the brown Ninja Warrior hamster Train Azer in the Ninja Warriors hamster track set (sold separately) Requires 2 AAA batteries (included) Collect and connect other accessories to make … Continue reading

100 HEXBUG-Compatible Batteries

Fully HEXBUG-compatible, works with all HEXBUG robotic creatures Replaces Original battery, HEXBUG Nano battery, HEXBUG Spider battery, HEXBUG Ant Battery, HEXBUG Crab Battery & Inchworm battery Hexbug Warriors