Barbie I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher Doll Playset

Barbie I Can Be. Gymnastics Teacher Playset: Barbie I Can Be. Gymnastics Teacher keeps her work on land – barely. Barbie doll has all the equipment to help little Chelsea improve her skills. Hook Chelsea into the balance bean and pull the bar to watch her twirl across; clip her wrists into the high bar and turn the side lever to see her spin in complete circles around it. If Chelsea gets tired, Barbie doll can inspire her with a floor routine; girls simply push the lever in Barbie doll’s back to make her twirl the ribbon. Barbie will be so proud when Chelsea accepts her medal on the winner’s podium (that doubles as a shelf!). Girls will flip for this set that includes the balance beam, high bar, twirling ribbon, shelf/medal podium, medal, bag and trophy.

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